Ordering from TeamGear is like ordering from local groups doing fundraisers, except online. Your group will choose from the items you pick out here, and we'll send all the completed orders to you (preferably to your school or place of business). It's then your responsibility to get the orders to the individuals that ordered them.

So, if you're ready to get started, we'll need some basic contact information. We'll use this information to get in touch with you during the ordering, production, and delivery stages if we have any questions. If this person is you, great. If it should be the Head Coach, let them know and put them in here.

Contact Name:
Contact E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone:

We need a little bit of information about your group. We'll use this information so that other members of your team can find you and get their gear.

Team Name:
Team Type:

We'll also need an address. We are NOT asking for your personal address. This is the address that everyone's gear will be delivered to. For example, if this is a school sports team, provide the school's address.

Business Name:
Street Address:

This next one is important - how long do you want this to be available for people to order. Just like during fundraising, when the order forms all have to be back by a certain date, we start our production and shipment stages once the expiration date arrives. After that, the only way we'll ramp up production again is if someone calls with the minimum order.

Orders In By:

Next up, selecting the types of gear you want to be available.